New Year by the sea

The Viña del Mar fireworks have never disappointed its spectators, and the reason for that is the permanent job and production capable of supporting a show that is worth millions. Since the year 2007, they explode in the garden city, Valparaiso and Concon, covering more than 27 kilometers of the Pacific coast, overwhelming all its spectators. To achieve this, the city hall invests around 600000 dollars, which generates 23 minutes of explosions and admiration. With this event the alliance of the three municipalities applied for the Guinness Records, showing a worldwide quality.

To enjoy New Year in Viña del Mar, people from different cities and regions get up early and travel to get a place or parking spot in some nearby resort. The key launching points of 2012’s New Year were: Recreo, Caleta Abarca, Peru Avenue, Los Marineros beach, Vergara pier and Reñaca, whereas in Valparaiso there were nine launching points and three in Concon. With detonations from these places, in Viña it is possible to enjoy the view of the fireworks from different angles of the commune, this thanks to that the Illustrious Municipality of Viña del Mar is in charge of installing different viewpoints, especially in the highest and furthest places of the city, meaning that, this show is dedicated to the whole community.

The companies which provide the firework equipment deliver the best quality. It is the same one used in Spain and Italy. For the year 2012, Viña del Mar, and its alliance, got a total of 24 tons of fireworks, being this the best event of all time. This shows that New Year in this city is always better than the last, not only in quantity but in quality. That is why this plan is the favorite of the majority of Chileans and many foreigners who come only to enjoy it.

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  • 19-02-2019

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