• Just like its creators Victor Marin and Latifeh Musri once envisioned, Fonoguia carries on with the taste and dedication to arts and culture, thinking of them as one of the most important spheres of the human being. It is because of this that the service provided by this commercial guide, both in its printed and online version, is different from the other advertising media.

    One of the goals that we have set out for ourselves is that the community see Fonoguia as one of the main sources of touristic, cultural and commercial information of their area, forming with this an efficient and multiple service. The use of the internet allows our customers and the general public the possibility to find everything in the same website. It is because of this that this stage constitutes a milestone for us. This tool has allowed us to use different types of technology linked to online surfing, setting out us the goal of always reaching the highest standards as far as websites, design and information are concerned.

    Thus, the step towards the internet reflects this company’s experience in advertising and delivery of information. Thanks to this platform, our vision of reaching everywhere is fulfilled: today, any person in Chile and the world can access to information about cultural heritage, architecture, tourism and commerce provided by our website.

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  • 19-10-2019

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